An information technology is developing faster in recent years. IT sector function is to post necessary information to people and deliver new products or technology introduction. Our mission is to develop new technology in new level which we can do and recommend related guideline with assistance about software and hardware according to our knowledge during the information technology century. So please stand with us and improve your know-how about new technology and information technique. What is a video? Video is a process of art and technology. Video materials is being integrated and changed from first version during the process. As of art side, it’s a process of integrating, erasing and saving mode of multi kind sources. About video Video recording is a process of shooting video and audio clips. There are a number of reasons to edit video recording. For example: to delete not qualified video materials, to select the best materials, and to add graphic and effect in new way. Furthermore, to make changes in clip, to edit colors, and improve with other sides are included in this. Analog and digital video Editing is a process of to convert a certain part of video on new cassette (CD) and being produced. It can be processed by hand method or automatic method.