Three WIFI tools to increase home network speed


If you have wireless network in your home, you definitely can connect with internet from any room and any technique. But there may not have the qualified internet speed from network companies, May it be? Are your neighbors using your WIFI network? I’m glad to introduce 3 kinds of WIFI tools to increase your home network speed answering the above questions.

  1. Channel changers

Sometimes receiving WIFI well is same as changing TV channels. If you live in high apartments in population centered area, there are many hundreds of WIFI rooters around you. Every rooter spread signals to connect internet with users. The main problem occurs In that condition, hundreds of signals may have risk to interfere in one’s waves because of rooter’s near location. If it is happened, you only need to change your spread channel.

2  Speed test

The golden rule to get internet service: Don’t believe until to check promised speed of the internet company. You can measure it using website. It’s the easiest method to check your network speed. On the other hand, there is a smart phone app to check your current location network speed.

3.  Convert your computer to hotspot

There is a possibility to convert your mobile phone and tablet to hotspot to get WIFI. So other techniques will be possible to receive WIFI service and connect with internet too. You can be also use 3rd apps to convert notebook and table computers to hotspot.