Why must Huawei ?

The leading company of information technology in the world

Huawei, the leading company of information technology in the world, proposes competitiveness technology solutions to challenge in telecommunication network, integration and customer’s decision.

Huawei products related to telecommunication network, IT products with solutions and smart techniques are in service of 170 countries in the world.

Solution complete package

Huawei brand, operator telecommunication facility manufacturing in history, has achieved in proper success of manufacturing terminal facilities and integration field. (For example: Caching eight server & data center solution.) Actually it is possible to build up any level company’s IT structure solutions in any sector based on Huawei’s invention today.

Innovation hub

Huawei spends its 10 percent of all income to innovations, inventions and research field. 150 000 which is over 45 percent of Huawei employees are involved in research and invention work. Company contributes in social-economy sustainable development and protect surrounding environment. Also it provides an opportunity of decreasing energy and natural resources with the positive decisions in environmental issues.

Operator level electronic techniques

It follows electronic technique’s standards and norms on information communication technique manufacturing.

These standards have influences of low mistakes in computer tools (parts). So server tools receive not many electronic or thermal loading and usage time is being increased.