What is licensed software?

It refers that somebody uses deviser’s software officially and it’s one of special contract forms between deviser manufacturing and user. When software is sold, it will be used with related limitations under the contract. The copy rights and properties will not be sold. For example, there are prohibitions such as transferring to others, installing techniques with limitations, and user time etc.

The software is concerned that one of necessary parts conducting business in modern time. Furthermore it can be tools to provide daily operation of business activities normally. Organizations with interest to use and develop official licensed software are getting increased in all over the world nowadays. Professional experts of information technology and normal users started to choose licensed software for their official and private needs. There is an endorsement of data base and private information security when official software is installed. Licensed software manufacturing guarantees 100 percent that it operates all kind of computer normally and there are no virus and deadlock. It’s one of important measures of organizational or business dignity when licensed software is used in modern time. Also it refers world related standards and cultural behavior management when company installed software in their facilities & techniques. Your organization can be determined as a reliable that there is only licensed software you use.

Advantages of licensed software

Unlicensed software has the number of risks such as involving technical, information security and legal problems to the organization and private person.

What kind of risks in unlicensed software usage?

There are following serious risks related to the unlicensed software (fake software) in your organization and private person such as: technical, financial and negative influences to the dignity. According to the survey, 92 percents of fake software users are in trouble of their computer files and private information security in some kind of occurs.