A method to increase usage efficiency of SSD hard disk

Once SSD and hard disk is used both, there will have advantage to increase speed and keeping containment. But it is impossible in most notebooks that to install 2 LAN in same moments.  Using SSD based on RAM, it increases working speed of files more. But it expenses a lot. Under the normal structure, hard disk can be proposes a huge expenses by low costs. But you can realize a great performance when you use the above things all and connect wisely without losing hard disk space. If you have only chance to install 2 disks, it will be available. Specially it occurs in enough space notebooks.

1.Cache hybrid drive

 The cache hybrid uses the above technologies as a tool.

2. To buy SSD with enough space

Of course, it is the most expensive solution. SSD with 960 Gb is 3000 USD. But it will be the most speed disk and easy solution.

3. SSD and Portable hard disk

This is the most easiest and cheapiest method. But the speed is slow comparing with others and remote control usage is not easy. Install SSD and copy Windows programs with related files. Copy other files in portable hard disk. If notebook indication is not 3.0, don’t use this method. USB 2.0 connection will be processed slowly.