Internet is getting cheaper day to day.

Internet connection was not developed in Mongolian information technology in recent time. Especially in 2007, everyone did not hesitate to install internet and use it at work or home and they felt its advantage with realizing necessary part of life. We know that computer usage program in every family has implemented perfect since 2003-2004. Even poorly educated person wants to buy computer at his/her home at least. They started to think about it that if they don’t need, their children need a computer. There is no need argument that it is really big success and invention. The statistics of computer usage in Mongolia has reached to good point. Basic representing index of computer usage is an internet network. Using computer network efficiently means one kind of life survival today. Also there is a new assumption as crypto money website and it refers internet social is developed with high speed and wide range. Mongolia is concerned as one of the cheapest data user country according to the 2019 survey.