HDMI connection

If you buy HDTV, you will also definitely buy this kind of connection cable. There is no need to buy within one moment, but you will buy surely at some time. Because you are not available using TV without connection cable. You saw home theatre and its desktop which placed behind. There are many video connection ports we know. But it is connected through only one black connection which is different. That’s a HDMI connection. Only using one connection and transferring videos with high quality was a great invention in first time. HDMI connection has two advantages. You surely know about component video which is higher level of analogy and it has three main cables at least. Could you imagine about red, black and yellow cables? On the other hand, there is a requirement to transfer using multi cables. So HDMI provided a chance to use only one cable and solve all problems. How easy is it? 4 years old little girl can connect easily using this connection. Old analogy technology used to convert and create digital form. But HDMI technology transfers all signals originally without any convert action.